Family Nutrition and Physical Activity Screening Tool
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The Family Nutrition and Physical Activity (FNPA) Screening Tool was developed from an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Evidence Analysis (EA) that examined the factors related to childhood overweight. From this EA, the FNPA screening tool was created as a valid, behaviorally-based screening tool to identify family influences and behaviors that increase a child’s likelihood of becoming overweight. The FNPA examines multiple domains including: family diet, physical activity, screen time, sleep, and family schedule to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a family environment. With this validated behaviorally-based screening tool, researchers and other health care professionals can quickly identify children that are predisposed to overweight and initiate counseling or programming to help these children and their families.

Prediction of BMI Change in Young Children with the Family Nutrition and Physical Activity (FNPA) Screening Tool

Development and preliminary validation of a Family Nutrition and Physical Activity (FNPA) screening tool

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